Aircraft Expertise

Asset Management

It all started with a phone call from a Citation XLS owner, who wanted to transfer his aircraft from one operator to another, and was looking for an expert to ensure that the airworthiness of his aircraft would be guaranteed during the transfer.
The first step was to support the owner in cancelling current management contract and drafting new contract with future operator.
The whole process took five days. The two Time to Fly experts have ensured that the airworthiness and maintenance management have been done in accordance with the European regulation. Several non-conformities have been corrected. Then Time to Fly team, with a power of attorney from the owner has signed the transfer.
Regular updates were done with the owner to allow him to follow-up on the transfer, with the feeling to have maintained the value of his investment. Since the transfer the owner has signed a contract with Time to Fly for the supervision of the operator. This is an exclusive Time to Fly feature.

Our Experts can assist the aircraft owners or operators in most areas of the management of their assets:

  • Expertise in management contract
  • Support during maintenance checks
  • Support during aircraft purchase and pre-buy
  • Support during public transport operation of the aircraft by third party
  • Support during aircraft transfer between two operators

Implementation of CAMO and Maintenance Organisations

The implementation of a Part 145 maintenance organisation or a Part M/G CAMO is a project that can seem complicated for managers, especially when the commercial pressure makes it necessary to have short delays for approval.

Time to Fly experts provide support to their customers every step of the way to the approval:

  • Definition of the organisation
  • Support during meetings with the authority
  • Preparation of the approval request submission
  • Drafting of Regulatory Manuals and Procedures (MOE, MOM, CAME, Maintenance Programs, SMS Manuals, Quality Manual and Procedures Manual..)
  • Onsite support for setting up the processes
  • Pre-certification audit
  • Support during the certification audits performed by the authority
  • Non conformity and corrective actions plan management

Our experts have already successfully assisted our customers in setting up a CAMO or a MRO:

  • JG Aviation: French MRO up to PC 12: Part 145 approved
  • Air et Compagnie Maintenance: maintenance avions légers: agrément Part M/F et Part M/G
  • AeroTechPro: maintenance en ligne Transport Aérien Commercial: agrément Part 145
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