Operational Expertise

Regulation is constantly evolving (take as an exemple the new AIR-OPS regulation implemented by the European Agency). International Organisations such as ICAO or IATA issue standards (IOSA, ICAO Annexes). Based on their knowledge of regulation and their experience, our experts help the operators in their certification process, whether it consists in getting an AOC, obtaining IOSA certification or preparing the compliance with NCC regulation.

AOC Certification Support

Our teams are composed of experts who have all been involved in AOC delivery process whether in France or other European countries (UK, Luxemburg, Malta...). This guarantees to the customer a knowledge of the required procedures to have an AOC in most countries:

  • Definition of the organization necessary to run the AOC
  • Preliminary meetings for all the AOC departments (Flight OPS, Ground OPS, Training, Airworthiness, Compliance, Safety, Security...)
  • Preliminary Meeting with the Authority
  • Drafting of the AOC Request form
  • Drafting of all the required manuals and procedure (Operations Manual Parts A,B,C,D, C/L, QRH, CAME, Safety Management Manual, Maintenance Programs...)
  • Follow-up on the implementation of the manuals and procedures in the departments
  • Pre-Audit before the certification audit performed by the Authority

Our sister company Let’s Fly (Helicopter Operator) has been the first project with  full support by Time to Fly on obtaining an AOC.

IOSA Certification Support

IATAIOSA delivery process is a long process that is transversal to the airline organisation. Time to Fly experts support the airline in this very time-consuming process, in coordination with the certification team and the conformity departement.

  • Support during initial audit by certification team and debrief
  • Setup of airline project team with IOSA focus points in each department
  • Coordination with each focus point for filling and doucumenting the ISARPS
  • Updating of all Operational and Organisation Documents
  • Support during certification audit
  • Support for dealing with the non conformities

XL Airways successfully obtained IOSA certification with support from Time to Fly.

Support to private operators

Part NCC Compliance

EASAAs of 25 August 2016, the non-commercial operation of complex motor-powered aeroplanes and helicopters, registered in an EASA Member State or used by an operator for which its principal place of business is in an EASA Member State, will have to comply with a new regulation called "Part-NCC".

The new regulation will impose on the operators the obligation to:

Furthermore, the operations and the aircraft will be submitted by the competent authority to an oversight program.

Based on their expertise in Airline AOC, Time to Fly Experts are ready to support Operators with complying with the NCC requirements.

Follow-up post NCC declaration

Following your NCC declaration, Time to Fly is at your disposal to help you  :

Support to SPO operators (Aerial work)


This new European regulation, known as Part SPO, will become effective on April 21, 2017 and it will be applicable to all operators related to:

Following its entry into force, all concerned operators will be obliged to show compliance with Part SPO.

This new regulation requires the operators to:

Based on our knowledge of the AIR-OPS requirements applicable to airlines and to private operators, we are already capable of assisting the concerned operators.

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