EASA Action plan following accident of Germanwings - 2015-10-28

EASA Action plan following accident of Germanwings

Oct 20th – After the recommendations made in July by the EASA Task-Force regarding the Germanwings Flight 9525‘s accident, the European Commission releases now an Action Plan to implement such recommendations.

The Task-Force calls for better checks on crew members.  

 July’s recommandations

On July 17th, the Commission published a report  after the Task Force analysed the preliminary findings of the crash investigation (mainly findings that the BEA published last may). The Task Force issued six recommendations, awaiting then for an Action Plan:

  1. The principle of 'two persons in the cockpit at all time' should be maintained.
  2. Pilots should undergo a psychological evaluation before entering airline service.
  3. Airlines should run a random drugs and alcohol programme.
  4. Robust programme for oversight of aeromedical examiners should be established.
  5. A European aeromedical data repository should be created.
  6. Pilot support systems should be implemented within airlines.

Aircrew Medical Fitness workshop

On December 7th and 8th, an Aircrew Medical Fitness workshop will be organised to discuss the implementation of the recommendations. This will enable EASA to publish Operational Directives in the area of air operations and aircrew in the first quarter of 2016. Operational Directives are a new EASA tool that aims at quickly addressing safety issues before regulatory actions (AMC/GM) can be taken. 

The action plan

Air operations

2. Aircrew

3. Information technology (IT)

4. Data protection

If everything goes right, the current requirements do not need to be amended and only applicable means of compliance (AMCs) and guidance material (GM) will be needed.

Therefore, the plan’s implementation is supposed to be done by the end of 2016.


Read the plan on EASA website: http://easa.europa.eu/download/various/GW_actionplan_final.pdf

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